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Newborn and baby

Do I need to wake my newborn to eat at night?

My ten-month old naps well, but stays up all night.

Toddler tantrums at bedtime.

Baby sleeps through the night, but I'm still exhausted!

Getting a ten-month-old's sleep back on track.

My baby sleeps in a swing all the time. Is this a terrible habit?

My newborn nurses all night long!


Toddler and preschooler

Transitioning to a toddler bed.

Our two-year-old won't stay in bed at bedtime. Help!

Helping a 13-month-old sleep all night.

Toddler wakes at 4 a.m.!

Four-year-old is dry during the day, but wets at night.

My three-year-old gets a second wind before bedtime!

Is my two-year-old afraid of the dark?

Helping a toddler learn to nap at daycare.

Does my two-year-old need to nap?


School age

My nine-year-old won't go to sleep!

Helping five-year-olds siblings fall asleep in a shared bedroom.

My husband wants to put a TV in the kids' bedroom.

How can we help our kids sleep well on camping trips?

Help for "I can't sleep!" nights.

Getting back to a school-year sleep routine.

Our ten-year-old has never had a "bedtime." Is it too late?

How much sleep does my five-year-old need?


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