Sleep Tight, Every Night

Helping Toddlers & Preschoolers Sleep Well

Without Tears, Tricks, or Tirades

An E-book by Malia Jacobson, Sleep Journalist

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End sleep struggles quickly, peacefully, happily.

Attention, parents of kids ages two through six. You probably thought you’d get more sleep once your infant became a toddler, right? Welcome to one of parenthood’s biggest surprises: Sleep may not improve once your child outgrows the bassinet.

In fact, sleep may get worse. From fighting bedtime and refusing to stay in bed to nightmares and nighttime wetting, the sleep problems of the toddler and preschool years can drive tired parents to the end of their frazzled ropes.

I'm a nationally published health journalist, parenting columnist, and sleep expert. In Sleep Tight, Every Night, I put my years of experience researching childhood sleep problems for major publications to work for you. After reading and responding to scores of parent questions about toddler and preschooler sleep problems, I wrote Sleep Tight, Every Night: Helping Toddlers & Preschoolers Sleep Well Without Tears, Tricks, or Tirades.

This concise sleep guide is a follow-up to my first e-book Ready, Set, Sleep: 50 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep, So You Can Sleep Too. While Ready, Set, Sleep focused on helping children sleep well from birth through age three, Sleep Tight, Every Night provides specific sleep solutions for children during one of the most challenging periods for sleep—age two to six.

Instead of resorting to punishment, letting children cry, or simply trudging through years of sleepless nights, parents can end the sleep wars by quickly getting to the root of a child’s specific sleep challenges, sidestepping common problems, utilizing little-known secrets to sleep success, and working with a child’s natural drive for sleep.

Sleep Tight, Every Night includes 12 short sections covering a specific sleep challenge. In each one, I walk parents through a solution from start to finish with easy-to-implement tactics to help get your kids’ sleep on track and sustain your success.

Breaking the Overtired Cycle: Getting Back to Happy

Correcting Undertiredness: Stopping the Stealthy Sleep Stealer

Building a Better Bedtime: Finding Your Child’s Ideal Bedtime and Making it Work

Ending Early Wake-ups: Helping Larks Sleep Later

No More Naps: Dropping Your Child’s Nap Without Drama

Goodbye, Crib: Making a Smooth Toddler-Bed Transition

Bunking Up: Making Shared Bedrooms Work (Without Losing Sleep)

Stop the Bed Hop: Helping Kids Love Their Own Beds

Nighttime Potty Training: Toward Clean, Dry Nights

No More Nightmares: Squelching Nighttime Fears

Little Legs, Big Problem: Un-kinking Nighttime Leg Cramps

When Sleep is Scarce: Living With a Short Sleeper


What Real Parents Say:

As parents we look for the tools to help our children succeed. Author and sleep journalist Malia Jacobson asserts that the best tool is at parents’ disposal: sleep. In Sleep Tight, Every Night she offers parents much hope and a “helping hand” to successfully turn sleeping challenges around, and she takes them through the stages and what to expect, one step at a time. Sleep Tight, Every Night is a much needed and welcome resource of comprehensive ideas and easy-to-follow tips parents can use to support their toddlers and preschoolers who are sleep-deprived. Every parent of a toddler or preschooler should have a copy.

Judy M. Miller, mom of four and author of What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween


Motherhood is exhausting enough without the challenge of a sleepy child. Kids' sleep troubles can seem overwhelming, but Malia Jacobson provides step-by-step solutions in laymom's language. While Jacobson speaks to regular moms, her advice is informed by her years covering sleep topics for major media. She has distilled her vast knowledge into a quick read that is sure to provide quick results. This is the perfect book for tired moms who crave an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Lela Davidson, freelance journalist, author of Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? and Blacklisted from the PTA


Sleep Tight, Every Night is very encouraging, funny, and uplifting while addressing difficult and stressful situations with children. Malia's writing is concise but clear; simple while informative, never making the difficult child out to be the bad guy or even unusual, but instead very normal and “fixable.” I look forward to other parents getting their hands on this great resource to aid them in something as important as good, healthy sleep!

Erika Shupe, mom of nine


Sleep Tight, Every Night is a must-read for tired parents who want to get some sleep! We’ve followed the steps that Malia suggests and found success. Her tips have been extremely easy to implement into our daily lives and best of all, we now have well rested kids which makes everyone happier!

Megan Castellano, mom of two


When I was finally able to escape my children long enough to read this wonderful book, I devoured it. I not only enjoyed it, I needed it. I spend copious amounts of time reading/researching all kinds of parenting issues and sleep is no different. But it’s hard not to get bogged down in all of the statistics, conflicting viewpoints, and minutiae out there. I appreciate Malia’s concise writing style and I’m in love with her clear 1-2-3 solutions to these universal problems.

Lynda Hamilton, mom of three


As a parent of two young children, I can relate to many of the sleep problems Malia addresses. This e-book is designed to allow you to go right to the section you need, but I read and learned something from every section. Sleep Tight, Every Night provides practical solutions to conquer a range of sleep troubles, along with fascinating tidbits about sleep and how kids (and parents!) can get more of it. That’s what I call sweet dreams! 

Christa Hines, mom of two


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