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The Maybe Baby Mindset 

When it comes to having a baby, more women are letting fate decide. But experts say that kind of ambivalence might put you—and your potential offspring—in harm's way.

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I’m a nationally published health and parenting journalist, author, columnist, sleep expert, and freelance writer. I’m here to help you reach your goals.

As a freelance health and parenting journalist, I contribute regularly to over 90 national and regional publications across the US and Canada and my work appears in news outlets including ABC News, MSN Health Living, and the TODAY Show.

I’m also a trained business writer with a background in corporate communications and a knack for engaging audiences with precisely the right message.

Much of my work is devoted to promoting healthy sleep for families. Since 2007, I've helped thousands of families find better sleep. My sleep articles and advice have appeared in Women's Health, Pregnancy & Newborn, Costco Connection, and Yahoo! Shine. My sleep advice column "Counting Sheep" appears monthly in Metroparent Magazine.

Whether you’re an editor, a client, or a reader, your success is my goal.



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